It's official

Today I went to the social security office with another one of my married friends who hadn't changed her name yet and we changed our names! It was quite a crazy day, on the way my friend realized she forgot her marriage license so we went back to get it and then called to double check we were going to the right place. The woman on the phone told us we could go to a closer office so we did and when we got there they told us they don't do name changes, so we went back to the first place. 2 1/2 hours after we left the first time we finally made it to the right place and signed in. On our way in to the office there was a car full of people fighting in the parking lot and one of the men wound up and hit the woman he was fighting with. It was surreal, I've never seen someone hit another person so hard in real life. It was like a scene out of a ghetto movie. We finally made it inside and settled in for our hour and a half wait. We finally got done and in two weeks I'll have a new card.

Tonight a couple of girlfriends came over and we had a movie night! We made rice krispie treats and watched knocked up. It was good fun but made for a long day.


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