Monday... uhg!

I had a very German lunch today for my brother's birthday. I had wiener schnitzel for the first time, which was surprisingly good.

Today on of my best friends got a teaching job today. So now I am the only one of my friends doing nothing with my life, well unless you count being a housewife. They are all either in grad school, have jobs they love or are stay at home moms with husbands that make enough money to support that lifestyle and with precious babies. I apply for jobs all the time, all over the country and because I have a bachelors degree in nothing and no experience noone will hire me. And to make life better my uneducated, unmotivated husband doesn't make enough to support a life I find acceptable. It makes me regret getting married. If I was still single my parents would still be helping me live an acceptable life until I got a job. I've only been married for two months and it has been the worst two months I can remember. It feels like years. I haven't been this unhappy in a long time. I just love him and couldn't live without him. I just wish love could buy us a house and get me a job.

So I spent all evening watching gilmore girls. That's what housewives do right? After all the chores are done and before it's time to make dinner.... UHG!


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