Where is fall?

Oh the sunshine state, how I hate you! So it's the end of October at 2:30 in the afternoon and it is 86 degrees out and feels like 91. I wish I lived somewhere that was cool in the fall, I love jeans and I'd like to wear them sometime this year. I also love apple cider and this is the time of year for it except it's hard to get in the mood for a yummy hot drink when it's in the high 80's/low 90's!

So because I hate the nasty heat, I have decide the husband and I need to move. I've narrowed it down to: New York City area, Washington D.C. area or Portland, Oregon. Having lived in central Florida almost my entire life it would be a big change moving to any of these places, but I think it would be fun. Real seasons, new stuff to do, new people. I love that kind of change.

I think this weekend I will do some hefty fall cleaning, and go through some stuff so that when the time comes and we do move we won't have to worry about sorting our stuff as much. Plus when you get rid of old junk it makes room for new better stuff! =)


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