Busy Busy

So my first weekend away went just fine. The husband survived without me, he didn't quite clean out the leftovers like I had hoped but it is what it is. There was only a little bit of drama at the beach, and I only had a sunburn line on my boob, one foot and my left hand. I reread Twilight while laying by the pool with drinks and snacks, what more could a girl ask for. We also met some guy Casey that was on big brother while we were at the beach but I don't watch that show so I had no idea who he was.

Today the husband and I trashed my wedding dress. The photographer that shot our wedding took tons of pictures and in a couple weeks we should have them back. It was a lot of fun. We started out by taking a Christmas picture before we got dirty. Next we got in a fountain and splashed around, followed by rolling around in the clay and grass on a baseball field. Then we had a Gatorade fight and some cream pies in the face. We then played on the playground and shot silly string at each other. It was a lot of fun. We felt like we were little kids. Now my dress is red, orange and black and I'm thinking of maybe burning it. That would be interesting but maybe a little too much.

Tomorrow we are having pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving, or festivus as we're calling it, with the husbands family. So that should be interesting. Gotta love family.


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