Tonight was festivus at my in-laws house. What a nightmare. I don't fit in at all with my in-laws, they are loud and crude. To say they make me uncomfortable would be an understatement. After everyone was there we had a Thanksgiving style meal and after we were done eating while my sister in law, her girlfriend and I were doing the dishes they made a comment about how whatever crude topic the rest of the family was talking about was better than politics, because I am the only republican in the family. No matter what the event is someone always finds a way to single me out in a political conversation and tell me I'm wrong/stupid/naive for being a conservative.

After that we all piled into my mother in laws van and went to visit my grandmother in law at her nursing home and take her some dinner and chat, well on the way there Oprah came up and I mentioned I had wanted to record Oprah today and forgot, so they asked why and I said because the author of the Twilight books was going to be on. Well that started a whole new Natalie must be a loser if she reads twilight frenzy. For almost ten minutes of the fifteen minute drive they discussed how ridiculous that series is... which, DUH! I have to read stuff like that so I can deal with the reality of being related to you ass holes. I know it's a dorky thing to read especially because I'm not a middle school girl. We finally get to the nursing home thank God because I needed to get out of that car. But on the way back to my in-laws I was sitting in the back of the van and I just couldn't hold it together any more and I cried the entire ride back. It was dark and they were all making crude jokes so no one noticed, which I was grateful for.

After we were back we had dessert and then sat for the longest hour of my life talking about nothing. I am always so relieved to finally leave those family events. Family events with my in-laws are emotionally draining and increase my desire to move exponentially. I feel like a horrible wife for feeling this way, but my family has always been so welcoming of my husband, and I have never felt like that same courtesy was ever extended to me by his.

It's been a long six months of marriage, I'm still waiting for the honeymoon phase to kick in. =/


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