First weekend away

I have been married for six months this month and so far neither of us has gone away since we've been married. This weekend I am going to the beach with some girls for a bachelorette weekend. I'm not exactly thrilled to be going, I have a sinus infection, I hate the beach and my closest friend in the wedding party other than the bride isn't able to come. So I feel like I'm going to be spending a lot of time being lonely in a place I don't care for. So my plan is to bring a couple of books and booze and hopefully I'll get some good catalogs in the mail today that I can bring along as well.

But leaving home also means getting things in order for Mr. Husband. So because my husband doesn't cook, not even a little bit, I have packed all of his lunches and put together 3 dinners ready to heat up. I even rearranged the fridge so he would be able to find all of the things he likes easier. I'm going to finish all the laundry before I go so that he has everything he could possibly want to wear clean and I will probably even pick up a few of his favorite things when I go out to do a little shopping, root beer, orange tic tacs, a geek magazine.

With a list like this I should get started, I'll blog about how it all went when I get back!


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