The husband and I started this year off at Disney world, it was our last trip with our season passes so that's a little sad. I have loved having passes to Disney, it was something different and fun to do. Definitely worth every penny we spent.

I am almost feeling better, today marked three weeks of this cold that never ends. I'm down to just an annoying cough.

We have decided not to move. We will be staying in our tiny apartment for 8 more months. The bright side is we get a month free, we don't have to pack and I don't have to find us a new place to live. This is a lot less stressful even though I don't exactly love it here.

I'm going to Washington DC on Thursday to visit my fetus friend for the weekend =) We are going to Baltimore and we're going to go stand outside of Charm City Cakes and see if we see anyone cool! =) We are also going to get free books, go to potbelly, open city and a great cupcake place! Pretty much we are going to shop and eat for 5 days, It's going to be excellent.


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