DC days 2-5

Day 2

Friday we went to Baltimore to check it out and see Charm City Cakes! We took a bunch of pictures of the sign and the building and had the UPS man take a picture of us hoping the bakery was making fun of us on their security camera and might let us in, they didn't, but it was still fun. We also went to an old market where we were very out of place. It was cool though they had all kinds of produce and meat, prepared food, and the fish market part had really funny signs. Later we had open city for a late lunch and went to this giant mall, Tysons Corner. We saw Youth in Revolt, which was hilarious!

Day 3

Saturday we went to old town Alexandria and walked around a little bit. We got a cupcake from an organic cupcake shop and had lunch at an Irish Pub where all the people really sounded Irish! While eating lunch we also decided that we were going to visit all 50 states together before we were 50 ending our quest with a cruise to Alaska for our 50th birthdays! It was freezing so we didn't stay long. Then we drove into the city and went to the Smithsonian castle, walked around the mall and the capitol taking pictures. Then we drove by President Bush's favorite Mexican restaurant on our way to the national harbor. We went into a few stores at the national harbor before finding another cake store called Cake Love. I got a chocolate cupcake and a lemon bar. The cupcake was really good and the lemon bar was also except I put it in the fridge overnight and the box came open so it didn't do so well. After getting our treats we had dinner at potbelly, and my fetus friend's special man friend came joined us. We had planned on going to a piano bar but we didn't realize we needed a reservation and so it was standing room only, so we went back home and watched movies and ate our treats.

Day 4

Sunday we went to Philadelphia! We decided to take a trolley tour so we could be inside a little car and just get out at the stuff we liked. We took tons of pictures and got pretzels from a cart. We didn't get cheese steaks but I don't like them anyway.. so maybe next time. During our tour the guide mentioned that just across the Delaware River was New Jersey so of course we drove over the bridge to see New Jersey. We didn't know that driving into Camden, NJ was a bad idea until I called my mom and told her where we were and she said, ummm... get back on the interstate. We hadn't taken a good picture of a Welcome to New Jersey sign so when we saw it on the interstate we pulled over shot a quick picture and were on our way. We found a cracker barrel in NJ, so we stopped for dinner to make our visit to NJ a little more official. Just on this day we saw 3 new states together: Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, bringing our grand total of states visited together to 14 + Washington D.C.

Day 5

Monday we started the day out right with doughnuts and a metro ride into the city. The Fetus friend took me on a tour of the capitol and we took just about a million pictures and we got lost a couple of times, but I'm sure she will learn the tour route before she has to take anyone else on a tour. =) After the capitol we went to open city for lunch and then to Dupont circle to get cupcakes from a place I found with the husband when we went on our honeymoon. The fetus friend also showed me a cool bookstore, and I think that DC has all the best bookstores ever! After Dupont circle we sadly rode the metro back to the car and she took me to the airport. My flight was delayed two hours, but thankfully I had a bunch of pictures to upload to FB and the glee soundtrack on my ipod.

It was a great trip and I can't wait to go back, and hopefully move there sometime in the nearish future!


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