Gin and Sprite

I could really use a gin and sprite. It's just good, get's the job done, no one can tell your drinking and gin doesn't smell on your breath.

Moving on...

Tomorrow I am taking Lucy to the vet for the first time, I just want to get her checked out and make sure she's ok and I need to get heart worm medicine for her. I'm thinking about getting her washed while I'm there because I'm too scared to cut her nails and she rolled around in the dirt last time she was at my parents house.

The husband and I got new cell phones... we set aside $1300 from our tax refund to go on a vacation for our anniversary and then we spent $1200 of it on two new nexus ones. We wanted matching phones and why not buy phones that are hella expensive and you can't get a discount on...

Saturday is the anniversary of the husband proposing. Two years ago I agreed to marry him, big ugly shoes and all =)


  1. We should drink gin and sprite one night (after Easter) and watch Will and Grace. :)


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