Can we just skip the rest of March.

Monday... the worst day of the week.

I died a little inside last night when congress voted yes on health care reform. There are a couple hundred idiots we should ship off to go be socialist somewhere else. Here in America we like freedom, and we'd like to keep it, Thank you!

So I thought the husband was finally done working over time, but today he went to work and is scheduled to work an extra hour everyday this week, which means until 8:30 and then he won't really leave until 9 and then he'll get home at 9:30 and we will be having dinner at 10. What a shitty first year of marriage. I do so much crap alone it's ridiculous. I go to almost all of my family birthday dinners without him, I run errands without him, I eat dinner without him half of the nights, I eat breakfast without him everyday, I walk the dog without him. Pretty much I see him in passing 2 nights a week and then his one day weekend. I'm so glad we got a dog or I would be even more lonely than I already am.

So we are supposed to be signing husband up for classes for the summer and then I will really never see him. I'm just hoping that by our 3rd or 4th anniversary we will be happily married most of the time and not just happy one or two days a week and hangin' in there the rest of the time.

This week husband and I started our effort to buy local. We have decided to buy as much of our food and household goods from local stores or markets, And are trying to shop at big box stores as little as possible.

I also started following a blog about how bad school lunches are and I think I'm going to look into whether or not you can be part of the PTA if you are not a parent, because the first time I read the blog I felt sick, and I don't have a particularly weak stomach.

In lighter news, glee is back in 22 days! Thank God for TV.


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