Looking out for the locals

As I think I mentioned before the husband and I are trying to shop at local stores, markets and restaurants. Local businesses are an important part of any community and shopping local is a big help for your community's economy. It puts money into locals hands, who then spend it locally. So our first day of buying almost 100% local was last Friday. We had breakfast with my mom and brother at the Maitland Breakfast Club, bought CD's at Park Ave Cd's, Chocolate and Ferris and Fosters Chocolate Factory, wine from Bullfish Lunch at White Wolf cafe and had dinner at Boardwalk Pizza. With the exception of one medium coke from McDonald's to feed my caffeine addiction we bought all local. It felt good to support our favorite local merchants and it tasted better than most chains too.

We found out about a local meat place close to us and we plan to check that out this week too.


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