Some days you just can't get it right...

So this morning I decided not to go to dunkin donuts seeing as how I was trying to give it up for lent, so I went a different way to work and popped into the BK lounge drive thru, place my order for warm and tasty syrup covered french toast sticks, when the bitch behind the menu board informs me they are out of them and asks if I'd like funnel cake sticks instead... funnel cake sticks... really America?! Funnel cakes come on a paper plate at a carnival or theme park covered in so much powdered sugar you look like a snow man when you're done eating it. Anyway, so breakfast bust 1. I decided to go out of my way to go to stupid dunkin donuts because there was nothing else on my way, when I get to this place of sugary round goodness there are no less than 9 cars in the drive thru line. So I parked and went it and waited in line and got my donut and went to work.

Work! I hate it. I never want to go back there. I have to go there to make money and I need money for food, shoes, pet supplies, clothes, going out with my friends and oh yeah other crappy grown up bills. Now I know why parents always tell their kids not to wish to be adults... it sucks.

Yesterday I was in such a bad mood. And to make it all better the creeper Hispanic guy that lives in the building next to me that is obsessed with my dog wouldn't go inside. He was on his porch ALL day from like 1:30 until 6. All I wanted to do was walk my dog with out him talking to me but NooOOooOo... Plus the wicked bitch of the west (my SIL) was coming over last night so I was busy making sure our apt was perfect so there wasn't anything here she could judge me for.Anyway my bad mood led me to realize I have anger management issues. I think I have decided to put off having children indefinitely. I don't want to be that mom that yells at my kids all the time.

So back to today. I get home from work today and the husband left our bedroom door open so of course our dog chewed up one of my new flip flops my mom gave me for Valentines day and one of husbands leather sperry flip flops and two ear plugs... I could have thrown her off the balcony, except for the part where is husband had shut the fricken door she wouldn't have done it. So I think he is headed nose first off the balcony when he gets home. =/

Here I am trying to muster up the energy to keep working on plans for the family music store we're trying to start and all I want to do is bitch and sleep.

End Rant!

In nicer news that DC girl is coming home to visit this month so I'm excited. New moon comes out on DVD this month and the husband and I are planning on having an 80's movie marathon... complete with side ponytails, shoulder pads and hot pants. Totally Rad!


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