Bike Riding and the West Coast

Yesterday the hubs convinced me to take a test ride on my mom's bike seeing as how I haven't been on a bike in at least 10 years. So now he is all excited about getting me a bike so we can go on bike rides. The problem is, living in Florida it's already getting into the 80's and its only April. So if we buy a bike for me now, I'll be able to comfortably ride it for like another month, then we'll have to take a break from going outside at all for a few months and then we are planning to move into a bigger place. So I'm trying to convince him that it would make more sense to wait until we move, because we don't have anywhere to keep it right now anyway.

Once again we talked about the possibility of moving to the west coast after hubs is done with his AA. And this time he brought up the west coast when I mentioned Georgia. So he is definitely giving the "let's go be our own family away from the pressures of our parents" idea some thought. So we will see where life takes us in a year.

Just a little update on my prayer has come to a screeching halt. The hubs never participated and it just made me frustrated. I hate thinking about my life. I haven't done anything to write home about since last May when we got married. A whole year of working 18 hours a week at a job that I hate. A job that makes me cry. All I want right now is to find a full time job so I can pay off my student loans, my last credit card and be able to pay for the hubs classes without having to take out more student loans. I'd like to have enough money in savings so if we decide to move across the country we can afford to get all of our stuff and ourselves there.

In other news, we have been doing a lack luster job shopping local the past two weeks. We got off to a really great start and then got busy. Which is no excuse. So I'm hoping today we will be able to make it to our little produce place we like.

Just to vent about my job a little bit more, I was supposed to get paid on Friday and I still haven't been able to cash my paycheck. My job drive me crazy.


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