The Dog and Determination

I love my dog. I have taken her to the dog park two days in a row =) Yesterday it was just the two of us and today the husband came along. It was a beautiful day out so we stay for an hour and a half just throwing a tennis ball and a Frisbee around for her and watching her play with the other dogs. It was wonderful.

The rest of the day the hubs has been studying to retake the cpt, we are hoping he will test into high math and English classes this time around. Either way I'm proud of him, and excited for him to go back to school.

I went to the used bookstore recently with my lover girl, and like always, I bought a whole pile of books. I got a book called the Excellent Wife, and it's about what the Bible says about a wife's duties to God, her husband and her family. I'm only on chapter two but it's interesting. As some of my friends know, adjusting to married life has been more difficult for me than I thought it would be. It's been a struggle to decide what type of career I want, do I want kids, do I want to go back to school, should the hubs go back to school, should we both go back to school, how do I deal with these ass holes that are my in-laws, should we buy a house or rent until we know what the hell we do want, should we have an apt that is bigger and more comfortable or save the money and live on the cheap, should the hubs work Sundays for the extra money or try to get a schedule without Sundays so we can go to church together, should we go on vacation or pay off a little extra of my student loans... it has been one of the hardest years of my life, hands down. I wouldn't trade it for anything but it hasn't been easy.

Anyway, back to the book. I look forward to reading more about what God says about wives. I think it will help me to answer some of my questions and come to peace with some of my other struggles. I am determined to be the wife God wants me to be and the wife my husband needs. I love him, I enjoy every minute we spend together even if we're fighting. He makes me smile, laugh, blush, cringe, cry, scream, jump up and down. If he didn't do all of those things, none of this would be worth it. I just hope all of my friends find what we have. We don't have a nice house, nice cars, lots of money, fancy vacations or anything like that, but we do have each other and at the end of the day, that's what matters. I am so lucky that I have a husband that works hard(ish) to provide what he can for us and loves me more than anything.

While we're on the subject, our anniversary is in one month and 4 days! =) I can't wait.


I also started reading Eat, Pray, Love. So far I like it, but again I'm only on page 50 or something.

I've been watching Little People, Big World, and it makes me miss traveling. I defiantly think that my goal is to try and save up enough money to go to Europe when the hubs graduates from college, kind of like a graduation gift. We both really want to go to Russia and he has never left the country, so I figure if we can swing it we might as well hit a couple other good spots while we are across the pond. Probably Rome, Paris and London if not more.

I have also been thinking a lot lately about turning 25. While I know that is still 9 months away, it feels soon and it feels old. It's just seems crazy that 10 years ago I was a freshman in high school, working on the freshman class float for the homecoming parade, in the drama club, taking Latin, in the Latin club wearing a toga in the homecoming parade, worrying about where to shop for jeans and what movie to see on Friday night at the mall. And now I'm 24, almost two years out of college, working less than I did when I was in high school, married, not planning on having the 2.5 kids I thought I would have had by now and writing about it in a blog. Nuts. It just makes me want to make a list of things to do, places to go, things to see. So that is my next project. The Ultimate List.

I also miss crafting, I need to work on our first year of marriage scrapbook and on the hubs anniversary gift. I just haven't made the time for it. I need to.


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