I suck at the gym.

So tonight we went back to the gym... I did the bike for 30 min and then decided to do some weight machines... except I don't know how to use any of them, not to mention the directions on them suck and I'm so short that I spend more time adjusting the thing than using it. So the other people in there kept looking at me like I was a gym dumb ass, because I am, and so I left. I cried the whole walk home and I've decided to quit our crappy apartment gym. I wish I could spend the money on a Y membership but I know I shouldn't spend the money when I have a free gym to use. I just miss having more cardio machine options than treadmill or bike. I like the rowing machine and some of the other ones that I don't know the names of. Our gym sucks, and I hate it. So I guess I'm just going to try walking for an hour four times a week. And my muscles will have to wait. Or I'll get some pink girly weights. Bah!

So that was after a very annoying day at work. Which equals even worse mood than I was in. Frick!

Today I decided to start a website, it will be awesome and I am excited. But that is all I will saw about it now.

Time for a shower and bed, I figure I should probably quit eating on days I quit going to the gym...


  1. We should walk together!! I could use regular walks.. I love them. (oh and you!) And, I will go with you one night and try to show you what I know about weights.


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