Jesus loves me

I have always known that Jesus loves me. I've spent my whole life believing this to be absolute fact, I still believe it. But today I am feeling especially loved.

The most difficult challenge in my marriage is my sister in law. We don't agree on anything, I have never met someone so difficult to be around or deal with. I dread family events because of her, I have on more than one occasion questioned my marriage because of her and I just dislike her and her negative impact on my life.

Today my sister in law posted on Facebook that she was accepted to a PhD program in Vancouver Canada. That is on the other side of our continent! 3,275 miles away. She isn't moving for a year but, in a year I will be able to go to family events and not bring tissues in the car for when I cry on the way home. I won't have to invite her over or have dinner with her out of obligation. I will see her when she visits, which may only be once a year and We will be polite and go visit her once while she's there and I will survive the week we spend with her, but my day to day life will be much less complicated. This is the second time this week that I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'll be honest, it feels good.

Now I just need to find a full time job, get Chris signed up for classes and things will be great.


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