We did it.

So the husband and I have been talking about going to the gym at our apartment complex since we moved in a year and a half ago. Tonight we went! For an hour. I power walked for 30 min, did 50 crunches and some arm weights. I have like no upper body strength. We had a good time so we are planning on going to the gym on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Because he wants to get "ripped" and I need to loose weight.

I worked for three hours today. I tried to convince my boss yesterday that we should observe this high holy day by sleeping in and not working, but he wasn't convinced. So I showed up at 10 and at 1230 he said I could go home after I sent a few last emails. So I drove an hour to work and an hour home to work 3 hours... it was crazy.

After I left work, I had lunch with my mom and brother, then my brother and I took Lucy to the dog park and then to my parents house to play with their dog. Then I went show shopping and bought a new pair of Sperry's and a pair of tennis shoes because I didn't own any for our trip to the gym tonight.

Tomorrow is my churches Easter egg hunt so I will be spending the morning crafting with some kids.


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