Every good blog has an Introduction

Hello world! I've decided to share my cooking with the world. I am not a trained professional and I don't even think most of what I make is that good. I'm hoping that this blog will challenge me to try new ingredients and techniques to keep you, my husband and myself on our toes.

I cook dinner at home at least five days a week and I pack my husbands lunch most days. It is usually just left overs but I occasionally will make something specifically for lunch. My husband and I have been trying to shop local recently and are enjoying the freshness of the local food. We don't live in a city with lots of markets. Our farmer's markets are alright but not very big. I am by no means a health freak, though I wish I was. I try not to make anything too disgustingly unhealthy and if I do I try to balance out the week with some lighter meals.

I make a lot of chicken. We don't have a grill so for the time being you won't see anything grilled on here, but hopefully soon. I don't eat a lot of red meat and I don't like seafood. So get ready for a lot of chicken recipes.

I love to bake and so you will see a decent amount of baking projects in here as well. I bake from scratch 90% of the time. I will admit to using store bought crust most of the time, and I need to start making my own, so pie crust will eventually make it into the blog.

I use recipes from my mom, friends, cookbooks, the internet and sometimes I just make it up as I go. So if I use a recipe that I know came from a book or website, I'll be sure to site it so you can try it too. I will do my best to take pictures so you can see how well (or not so well) I do.


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