Finding Happiness

I will start with my negatives thoughts so I can get them out of the way. My job is ridiculous. I have been here since 9:30 it is now 3:05, and I have only completed tasks I can do without my boss telling me number to plug into bids. I have been playing computer games and chatting with friends for an hour, with the bid sheets open and just waiting for him to get the stuff he needs together. Now he is outside chatting with someone and I leave early on Wednesdays. We have one hour and twenty-four minutes to get six bids done. Not going to happen. I would put money on it. Also I had a bag of peanut butter m&ms on my desk and the kid asked me what I was eating so I told her and then she and my boss both came over to beg for some... how annoying, I don't come beg you for shit when you are eating... I hate my job. I have decided to start showing up every day though, because the bosses daughter never does and I am sick of getting here on Wednesday with a pile of crap on my desk.

Today I had lunch with a couple of lovely ladies at an Orlando icon, Beefy King. It was delish! And tonight I will see my lover girl at wed night bible study. Other than it being my "Monday" I like Wednesdays.

Last night the husband and I had a discussion about moving, locally and away. We have decided to apply for jobs in other states and see what happens. If we get offers, we will discuss moving. If we don't, then it's not time. Either way I am just trying to figure out what it is God wants me to be doing, because I don't feel like it's being here at this desk, in this miserable heat. I am unhappy in Florida and not that I won't face similar challenges in another state, life is life after all, I feel like maybe it's finally time for a change. However I've felt this way before and it didn't work out. So I will try to be patient and see what God shows me.

I have been trying to read Eat, Pray, Love for about a month now, and I keep forgetting to pick it up. So far it is such a good book that I am always hesitant to start reading because I know I won't want to put it down and get anything else done.

Just an update: 3:35 Still haven't gotten anything else done at work. Still waiting.

Also I hate people that don't speak in complete sentences, or talk like idiots. I mean I am no grammar freak, I don't spell well, but I don't sound like a pack of wolves taught me English either. Some things that have bothered me today:

"Does it need cleaned"? did you mean "Does it need to be cleaned"?
"Fustrated" did you mean Frustrated..
"And they are coming with". with who? Oh, they are coming with you... awesome.

A: Please use words that are in the dictionary.
B: Use those big fancy words to complete a sentence.

This is the end of my English lesson/rant.

So for now I am begging God for the strength to make it through each day and to help me find the plan he has for me, because I know he loves me and I know he wants me to be happy. I will find happiness. I am determined.


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