Movin on up, to the east side...

...or trying anyway.

Today I requested my transcripts from all of the colleges I attended so I can send away a packet about myself to Maryland to see if I qualify to get a teaching certification. So cross your fingers. I would be looking into teaching middle and high school, business, social sciences or speech type classes. I have spent all day at work so far looking up jobs and apartments and schools for the husband. I feel good about everything so far, except that if we don't both get full time jobs, we won't be able to afford to live there. =/ So I'll be praying that this is what I'm supposed to be doing right now. It feels right, but it's felt like this before.

In other work news, it is 12:23 I have yet to talk to the boss, he's out of the office. I have completed all of my work, except for the bids that I can't finish without him. I will go to the post office when I go to lunch, I will get the mail at 3 or whenever the mail carrier gets here and my day is done. Tomorrow the family I work for is leaving for the weekend, so I think I will leave early too. I might bring a movie to watch while I wait for the phone to ring. It will be the best day of work ever.

I did a little sketch on a legal pad of what I kind of think I want the my job is ridiculous website to look like. Now I just need to get the husband and the web pro together so we can make it happen. I will probably have the husband do sketches of the really good posts as we go so that when we start putting them together to try and make a book we can have them ready to go.

Anyway, fingers crossed for two full time jobs and a cute place to live on the first floor that allows pets.


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