One year down!

I've been a bad blogger. =/

Sunday was the husband and I's first wedding anniversary! We woke up, exchanged paper gifts, we gave each other pictures... we are so connected it's creepy. I also gave him an hour glass with orange sand because the modern first anniversary gift is a time piece and I thought that was a funny time piece and because I couldn't find a decent clock to save my life. Chris made me a scavenger hunt with little paper clues that led to some Godiva chocolate covered oreos and then to the car... which was cute. We had breakfast at Cracker Barrel because that's where I went with my parents and bridesmaids the morning of our wedding. After that we headed toward downtown and had an hour and a half long couples massage and then a little snack before checking into the Grand Bohemian downtown. It was nice, our room wasn't quite as good as the room we had last year but still nice. We brought our own mini bar with us, Champagne, wine, scotch, Godiva chocolates, pringles and waters. I even bought plastic party wine "glasses" at target to drink from. We went to seasons 52 for dinner the first night and then back to the hotel to drink and kiss in the pool and relax in the hot tub. The second day we were there we slept in and decided to go to Cheesecake Factory for brunch, then because it was raining we saw two movies in a row, which we had never done before. It was more fun than I thought it would be. We saw Iron Man 2 first and then took a quick bathroom break and bought tickets to see Date Night. They were both really good and I realized I miss going to see movies. I can't even remember what the last movie I saw was before this week. After that we went back to the hotel to change and relax a little. We walked to Urban Flats for dinner, thought about sitting in the lounge at the hotel for the live Jazz music but it was only ok music so we opted to drink out of plastic cups in the pool again. Tuesday was check out day, we checked out and had breakfast at Too Jays, which is one of our favorite places, we always get blintzes. =) On our way home we stopped at target and bought a new mario game for the wii, romantic I know.

Then Wednesday showed up and reality is back. And trust me it's a bummer. I wish I had taken all week off. =/

The contractor is out of town and his wife is even more annoying than usual this week.

I applied for a new job closer to home yesterday, it's a friend of my dads so I hope that helps. It would be a full time Admin assistant job at an accounting firm, so it would be great. I have my fingers crossed and I'm trying to think positively and prepare what I would say if I get an interview. I'm also thinking about outfits.

Today I decided to start a summer dinner club. I'm thinking it will be three or four girls, we will take turns cooking and sharing recipes we are good at making with each other, and then maybe we will try to make some more difficult things at some point. I'm excited and I hope it works out. I love cooking and I love my friends =) Now I will just have to get the husband to get out of the house one night a week so we can cook and be girly =) I will also need to get some chairs.... we'll work on that.

I bought some hot rollers last week and I think tonight I might try to use them. See if I can work them on my own or if it was a waste of $35. I have curly hair but it's messy curly and so I'm hoping this will make it a more polished curly.

I have had the desire recently to go to sephora. This is not a store I normally shop in, but I've been in the mood to get some new make up. It's strange.

I've also been in the mood to go for walks, it's just so HOT. We are already in the 90's everyday, and it's not even officially summer yet. =/ This place is miserable.

I am so glad the weekend is here, I am ready to play with my dog, wash the clothes from our staycation and watch tv until my eyes pop out. I also need to finish reading the book I've been "reading" for the past month.

I think I might start adding recipes and pictures of some of the things I cook or bake to the blog. I think I will start with buckeyes, I am going to hopefully make some tomorrow for my grandpa's birthday. We'll see how it goes.


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