What the Funk....

In case you hadn't noticed by my absence, I've been in a funk. The funkiest.

I'm still looking for more suitable employment. This week I started babysitting Tues-Thur and working my "regular" job on Mon, Fri. The three days in the middle FLEW by. I was happy and I didn't go home and play sims for 6 hours. I didn't have one emotional breakdown. Want to know why? Because babysitting is so relaxing for me. I show up and check to make sure they have eaten breakfast and if not make them some. I bring activities or plan outings, like this week we hung out and chatted about the summer on Tuesday, Wednesday I brought my waffle iron and we made home made waffles for breakfast, Thursday we went to the Library, the craft store and grocery shopping. We made giant poster cards for their Dad for Father's Day, made grilled cheese and read books. I always bring a book to read while they play outside. I do a tiny bit of housework while I'm there which I enjoy and when they are done playing we watch movies and eat popsicles or play games. The kids are hilarious and I could spend every day with them. But here it is Friday, back at the "regular" job and I'm ready to complain. I hate that this job gets the best of me. I don't want to be that friend that is constantly complaining, but I am. =/ Sorry.

I did finish Eat, Pray, Love and can't wait to read Committed and see the Eat, Pray, Love movie. After Eat, Pray, Love I read Official Book Club Selection A Memoir by Kathy Griffin. It was funny and sad, but I loved it. Now I am reading The Perfect Wife: The Life and choices of Laura Bush. I love Laura, if I ever have children my first girl will be named after her. And with every page I read in this book I fall more in love with Laura. She is an amazing, smart, strong, loyal and poised woman and I hope I turn out to be half the wife she is. Next I plan to reread Eclipse before the movie comes out next week. I'm a dork, I know.

The Husband and I have started watching Weeds. What an addicting show. It's a little ironic but Weeds, the show about a drug dealing mom, is my anti-drug. LOL. I spend so much time watching it on DVD that I wouldn't have time to do drugs if I wanted to.
I feel like that show is my drug. We love it. We started watching the DVDs on Tuesday and we started Season 3 last night. We are borrowing them from the people I babysit for and I was getting a little worried about what we would do if we ran out of disks over the weekend, but then I checked and Weeds is on instant Netflix. =) Oh Happy Day!

I am happy to announce that I have two pregnant friends and they are both having baby girls! I couldn't be more excited for them and I can't wait to meet Teresa and Ella in the fall! I have already started picking out things for their baby showers and for welcome to the world gifts. I love babies. I am so glad that my friends are making babies for me to play with!

The hubs and I are still thinking that we won't have kids anytime soon. We still like staying up all night watching tv and going out to dinner on a whim. We want to go on a few big vacations/trips before we have a family. So we'll see how we feel in 5 years. I think we have decided that at 30 we will try to make a final decision and if we decide no, I might get my boobs done... smaller of course.

Well I better get the rest of my work done so when I get back from Lunch and errands I can read until I go home. =)


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