I used to have a soul

Yes, it's true, I used to have a soul. Then I graduated college in the midst of a recession and I applied to over a thousand jobs, and that my friend is NO exaggeration, and with each one a little bit of my soul slipped through my fingers and vanished. I never want to see another resume, write another cover letter or fill out another application that just makes me fill out all the information on my resume and cover letter while still making me submit those documents. WHY, companies of America do you all use such ridiculous ways of torturing your applicants. I just want a job. I will take almost any job, as long as it's legal and pays a fair wage for my education, experience and charm. I just want to be gainfully employed and productive part of society. And I know that millions of people are out of work, it's a recession, thanks for reminding me. But it's really depressing to know if I had stayed at my high school job instead of racking up 20k+ in student loans, I would probably be an assistant department manager at a grocery store and be making enough money to live in a decent apartment and to get my oil changed every three months instead of living in a tiny apartment while my parents store the other half of my stuff and getting an oil change when I have $20 left over from buying noodles, store brand cereal and milk... which isn't often.

Now I realize that my birthday is still 5 months away, but in 5 months I will be 25. A quarter of a century. Let's have a look at my accomplishments (post high school):

- Moved out of my parents house
- Graduated from college
- Got married
- Stayed married longer than a year
- Applied for over 1000 jobs
- Finally got a DVR

Now in the 6 years since high school that is all I've done. And in the 2 years since I graduated college I have had ONE PART TIME JOB. I worked more in high school and in college and then I was going to school full time. LAME!

I am such a broken record. I want a job blah blah blah...

Tomorrow is the last day that I am house sitting for this week, yay! I really don't mind house sitting but a week is a long time, especially now that I have my own dog. And while we are on the subject of my dog... she is SO cute and I love her! I think getting Lucy was the best thing the hubs and I ever did. Maybe even better than getting married. We could have just lived in sin with a dog, oh well.

Today I am getting one of those car things called an oil change... and it's about time. I'll be honest, it has been 10,000 miles since my last oil change. Now of course I'll take the sticker off of my window so they don't know exactly how long it's been they will just know my car is a hot mess. Then after I get back I think I am going to wash and vacuum it out while I'm at a house with a hose and a shopvac! Then for dinner we are grilling steaks again and then watching a couple of movies in the movie theater room. This is why I love house sitting.

So in closing today, I will gladly work for a lifetime supply of Potbelly and Open City and a stylish apartment in DC with this view on 4th of July.

Photo: ThatDCgirl (thanks)


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