Livin' on a prayer

Let's just take a hot minute to recap my weekend and discuss Monday.

Friday was the day I got back to my "normal" job. UHG! The first 25 min I was at work I had to sit 3 feet away from the boss's youngest daughter eating cereal, what's the big deal with that you ask? The big deal is she eats SO SLOW (I mean really 25 min to eat cereal...) and she chews Loudly and with her mouth OPEN. Like a pig at a trough. SO by 9:30a I was already like well... here I am, back in hell.

Then the big boss who obviously knows everything there is to know because he's old and I am not, got cocky with me. We use Microsoft Project to make job schedules, and it's only on my computer, which I told him. Then he kept asking me what it was called so he could find it on his computer... this is how it went down.

Boss: What is that program called, Scheduler?
Me: It's called Microsoft Project
Boss: Oh Microsoft Project Scheduler?
Me: No, just Microsoft Project
Boss: Are you sure I don't see it on my computer
Me: I think it's only on mine
Boss: Are you sure it's not on the server?
Me: Yes, go to your start menu, programs, Microsoft office and if its not there then we will need to install it on your computer if you want it.
Boss: OK, where is it on the server
Me: It's not.
Boss: OK so is it Microsoft publisher?
Me: No, it's called Microsoft Office Project 2007 if it's not on that list you don't have it installed.
Boss: oh, OK, I don't have it.

....No shit!

Then when I went to get lunch and feed the dogs I'm dog sitting, he asked me to deposit his paycheck for him on my way... his bank wasn't on my way, thanks for asking. This is the 4th week in a row I have deposited something for him or his wife. Fuck that noise, I'm the office manager, not the family slave. But like a good little bitch I did it anyway.

I love the family I'm dog sitting for, they are the family I've been babysitting for this summer and every summer for the past few years. I do not however care for their dogs. They bark ALL THE TIME and smell like death. So when I'm dog sitting I hold my breath three times a day to walk, feed and pet them. Then I go upstairs, where they aren't allowed to go, and I hide while they get to run around and stretch their little legs. I feel terrible but, it is what it is.

Moving on.

Saturday I woke up before the sun and babysat from 7am until almost bed time. We saw despicable me and the kids went with me to walk and feed the dogs. Then we watched some TV, played The Sims, ate pot pies and I went home with my wallet a little heavier. =)

Sunday I went to church like a good little girl, the sermon is always somehow directly related to what I'm going through, so good watching out J.C. I chit chatted with the pastor's son after church and we could be friends, like good friends. We chatted about our intense desires to leave Florida once and for all and our love of Bravo shows. I am sorry but in my book that = BFF. Then I had a lovely lunch with my parents at our favorite Mexican restaurant, yum! And more dog sitting. The hubs brought fried chicken and mac and cheese home and we ate that while watching She's out of my league. That movie was funny and cute and I would consider buying it, if it was on sale.

Today I was woken up by the dogs barking so loud I could have gone deaf at 6:30am. And I'm sorry but my alarm was set for 8:30, so respect that tomorrow you filthy animals. Now I am at work and so far I have done the banking, printed a check, printed an instruction manual, answered the phone and read blogs/blogged. Also a good helping of Gchatting. score. I was half offered a possible job yesterday. It would be back at the preschool, which... meh. But it's a lot closer than here, and I like those people. It would be a few less hours and I would probably get paid less, but I wouldn't want to find a tall bridge to drive off of on my way home. Plus it's only in the afternoons m-f so I could get another job where I worked weekends and mornings and then between the two of them make some decent cash. So hopefully that will work out. It would be better than this circus tent full of freaks. Plus then I could sub for preschool again and if there is one thing that I love it's being the sub. The kids love me and I just show up and do whatever the other teacher has planned. I will have to finally finish my training, seeing as how I was supposed to finish it like 5 years ago.... oops. But that's no big. How many inches between mats at nap time you ask? 18". (Thank you Kelbo!)

In my last piece of big news before I go back to just reading blogs for the day, I have decided to go to grad school. I am going to go to a school online that my DCgirl goes to. Now I just need to apply, pick a dang program and get a loan. Woo Hoo! I love being a student. Even as a grad student I will feel 100% better about life if I go back to working retail, or get a serving job or don't do anything at all and live off of my husband/student loans. =)

Hopefully I will make it through today, and then... 3 days off to just dog sit, read, watch TV, do laundry and hang out with my husband.


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