Pulled Pork

So being the lack luster blogger that I am, of course it took me a hundred years to remember to take a picture. And I only remembered to take a picture at the end. Anyway, here we go, I didn't use a recipe, I don't with a lot of things I make, I'm too lazy to look up what other people think I should do. So for this I got some advice from my brother who could out cook me any day of the week.

Pulled Pork

I used 3.5lbs. of picnic pork roast

I mixed:

1/2 c white vinegar
1 c bbq sauce (use your favorite)

A few shakes of:
fresh ground black pepper
red pepper flakes
kosher salt

I poured all the spices and sauce on the roast in a croc pot cooked it on low for 9 hours and then pulled it apart.

After I pulled it all I put it on a baking sheet and baked it at 375 degrees until the top layer was a little bit crispy. And then served on buns with bbq sauce.


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