Soda Free till Tennessee!

So if you know me well, you know that I love soda. I am mostly a coke drinker, and when I can get it sundrop. But in preparation for my trip to the real south, I have given up most soda until this weekend, when I will drink Sundrop until my limbs fall off. So far today I have had only water and one large iced tea. I am going to make tea when I get home so I won't be tempted by the soda we have. I have no self control, it's pathetic. This is also my attempt to be healthier... I know it's small but it's a step in the right direction. I think I am going to start skipping meat one day a week. Raw foods don't excite me, but they are much better for you. So I think one day a week I am going to try to have a veggie day. Strange I know, especially for me, so we'll see if it makes any noticeable difference.

I am hanging out with a great galpal and her munchkin tonight! We are getting Frozen Custard, which I haven't really ever had, so I'm excited about that! =) Then home to make dinner and hang with my husband and my Lucy dog.

I know I've mentioned my trying to shop and eat local, so I think I might try to post on here more often about it. I'm such blog slacker.

I'm really glad that today is almost over. Work as been beyond boring. Less than half an hour left!

This week I am babysitting Tue-Thur like any other summer week. I think we will take a trip to the library, maybe see a movie and do at least two cooking projects. I haven't decided what yet though. Maybe homemade ice cream or cookies will be one of the cooking projects. I love babysitting, the kids are awesome most of the time and I like hanging out with them. Plus I get to watch the kids shows without feeling like an idiot.

And to top of the week, Friday bright and early (or maybe still dark) me and one of my friends are going to visit another girl we love dearly in Nashville! I haven't been to Nashville since I was really young so I am excited to see somewhere basically new. Plus I have looked up some Diners drive ins and dives on our way and hopefully we will have time to stop at a couple of them and get a good greasy helping of heart attack in a plastic red basket! =) It should be a great trip. It will be a long drive, it's 11 1/2 hours there plus just about a million bathroom breaks because my road trip companion is five months pregnant and I drink a lot and therefore need to pee a lot. Just like any great housewife, I have started my list of things to do before I leave and things to cook and package for lunches and dinners for the husband for my weekend away. Also lists for things to pack and places to stop and things to see, like I've never driven through Georgia before.

Well until next time my two faithful readers, Ciao!


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