Well wouldn't you just know it

So as I slacked off like usual yesterday I had a sneaking suspicion that things were about to get a little strange at work. And of course, this is my life, so I now only work two days a week at my pathetic, I went to college to do this shit?, job. Awesome. So I will now drag my depressed self 22 miles and $4 in tolls each way to work two seven and a half hour days and spending most of my paychecks on gas, tolls and lunch. And yes I know I could take my lunch to cut costs, however, lunch is the only time I get to leave my desk and therefore their house, and them and their annoying as hell dog. So I will do without eating dinner out and buying new stuff to be able to leave work for 30 minutes and eat pita pit without anyone judging my topping choice and the dog begging for me to share. Thank you very much. Blarg!

So being the responsible young woman I am, I have already applied for about 15 jobs since yesterday. Now don't get excited they are almost all part time and lets be honest I probably won't even get a thanks, but no thanks email back from any of them. That's life. I was half-offered a job that might become available in mid Aug at the preschool where I used to work and I told the director that if it did indeed become available, I will have my lesson plans ready before you can type up my contract. Please and Thank you. The preschool job would only be 18-20 hours a week but it is like 3 miles away so that would be a much better commute than the one I have now, plus if I can convince someone else to hire me to work around that and weekends then we'll really be in business.

So to update on my going back to school. I have almost finished filling out my FAFSA, I'm just house sitting so I have to wait until I go back home to get the Tax info and then DONE! Next step, oh yeah Apply. and then pick a program. I'm still debating between a few.

I am hoping that after I am done with my Masters and the hubs is done at Community College we will be in a good place to move and get jobs we actually like and start a life in a big city where we belong. Surrounded by people that don't have kids and aren't in bed by 9. I love my friends that have kids and I love their kids, but that life just isn't for us, not yet and maybe not ever, and we are OK with that.

Today my hair looks particularly red. Sometimes it looks much darker brown but today it's very red, and I love it. I have had two good hair days in a row, we'll see how tomorrow goes.

I finally got a new planner today and I am so glad, I have somewhere to write my notes for things happening after Sunday. As I mentioned earlier I am house sitting and the thing I love the most about house sitting is having a grill to use. The hubs and I love grilled food, but we aren't allowed to have a grill on our porch at our apartment and the little camp grills that the complex has are so nasty I wouldn't cook something for my dog on them. So last night we made grilled Teriyaki chicken, which we love, and tonight we made hamburgers, yum! Tomorrow we are having hot dogs for lunch and steak for dinner! We are excited to be able to grill so much!

And that seems to be all I have for today.


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