Who let the old lady out?

I just hate it when the little old lady inside me comes out and slows me down to the speed of a slug.

As you might remember I was in Nash-vegas this weekend. We left Thursday night, drove to Macon, crawled into bed at the Fairfield Inn around 3:30 am and slept until 30 min before the continental breakfast ended. We had cereal and toast and the preggo I was traveling with tasted one bite of everything else, because apparently that's what babies do to you. Then we took two milks, two containers of fruit loops, a yogurt and some juice for the road. Headed to Marietta and had lunch at the Marietta diner (as see on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives). It was really good and they have a bigger selection of desserts than the Cheesecake Factory, which I didn't even think was possible. Then two Janet evanovich books on CD later we were in Nashville.

The first night we were in Nashville we went out for Pizza, saw our little Nashvillian's old house and hung out at the new house. Caught up, watched friends and recovered from a lot of driving.

Saturday we went to Athens Family Cafe, another Diners, Drive Ins and Dives eatery, for breakfast and it was really good. Then we headed downtown and proceeded to sight see, shop and sweat our asses off. After a day of sightseeing we went to another Diners, Drive Ins and Dives place, Martin's Bar-B-Que joint. It was good, not the best BBQ I've ever had but good. Then we went home changed and went out for a night of drinking and music.

Sunday we had some donuts to get us going and then we saw the Parthenon, and centennial park had lunch a place called Jackson's and watched as our hostess got herself a Tattoo. Then back home to relax a little, eat some pizza and went to see a bluegrass jam. Then me and the preggers started our journey back home. One Janet evanovich book on CD got us to our hotel and then we got another one from cracker barrel to help get us back to Florida.

I had fun in Nashville, it was hot and I wouldn't move there but I'd visit again. I'm very glad to be home. I'm still tired from the trip which just proves I'm getting old. Also, I am now completely hooked on the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet evanovich so I am borrowing four of them from my mother and buying the rest of them on my way home today. So if you don't hear from me in a while, I'm off bounty hunting with my new BFF Steph.

Yesterday was my oldest brother's birthday and my grand mother-in-laws birthday so after babysitting, I hauled ass to target to get paper plates and plastic forks, the hubs made a cake and a no sew blanket for his grandma, we had a quick snack, showered, went to dinner for my brother's birthday and then to Mima's for dessert with the rest of my in-laws. JOY! Dinner was normal, but at Mima's my mother in law described, for what felt like the millionth time, her child birth experiences with her children and then my husband, the dingo, asked his parents what lead them to choose to have him circumcised. HOW, dear sweet lord baby Jesus did I end up married into this freak show family? I don't want to hear anyone share their child birth stories, or about my husbands circumcision. GROSS! And people wonder why I want no part in procreating. I don't want to have those stories to share. I want to share stories about my dog, vacation and our dirty hot sex life at parties, not how many hours I spent swelling up before my children finally decided to make their entrance into the effing world. No thank you!

Moving on...

I am once again babysitting, one of the kids is swimming across the street and the other is showering and getting ready just like every other 12 year old girl does, so she should be done in about 3 weeks. he he! Here I am, blogging. Thinking about reading, or having lunch or going grocery shopping on my way home. But I think after this blog post if done I will wait patiently until 3:00 go pick up my books, go home, take a nap, and read until bed time. =) Husband, what husband?

Now I can't end without giving you the depressing details of my life. Tomorrow is my last day of babysitting (read: last day of doing nothing but watching TV, eating and playing wii and getting paid) Next week they will be out of town so I will be dog sitting. Also this weekend I am Babysitting for another family from 7:15am Saturday until 3ish Sunday afternoon. It's going to be a long weekend. But come August first I will be back to having just one completely boring, unsatisfying, underpaying, too far away, hotter than balls inside my office, cry on the way to work every day, just shoot me, job. And back to having very very little spending money. So I am once again applying more than I want to, bartering with the devil for a better paying job closer to home. So wish me luck.


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