Just Kidding

So I thought yesterday was my last day of work for the week, but wrong! I ended up being at work 30 minutes late and then 10 minutes before I left Mr. boss was like oh don't worry about getting that done today, you can do it tomorrow. Come again, sir. So here I am. I left home early so I could go to the bank and deposit my paycheck on my way here and stop and the chicken hut to get breakfast. I am signed up for direct deposit but because it's been so long since I've been paid through DD my bank now charges me for my checking account. Perfect.

I just finished reading Four to Score by Janet Evanovich and High Five is sitting out in my car just waiting for me to go to lunch at get it. I had a hard time starting Four to Score because I kept getting distracted or started reading too late a night. Now all I want to do is spend tomorrow all holed up reading 5 so I can read 6 on Sunday and so on. But alas life needs to happen, so tomorrow will be spent doing the things I can't do today because of work. Like grocery shopping, watching my trashy reality shows and reading my books curled up with a cup of coffee.

To make things a little more interesting the other girl that works with me got a second part time job, so now who knows when I'll be working and when she will grace us with her presence. I was feeling guilt free leaving this job (granted someone else eventually hires me) because she was still here and wanting more hours and doing stuff sometimes. Now if I get a job somewhere else I'll feel bad about leaving Mr. boss without help. I'll still do it, but I'll feel bad. But then again maybe his daughter that's my friend will come back, seeing as how she's with child and if she worked here she could bring the baby to work. I don't know. I am just ready to be done. I'd like a full time job, or at least one that I know when I'm going to work more than 14 hours before I need to leave home. I also wouldn't mind getting paid on time and maybe even have my check direct deposited so my bank will stop charging me $9 a month to keep all 25 of my broken dreams in their financial institution.

Anyway, just thought since I'm sitting here working for monopoly money again, I'd check in with my 3 readers.


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