Moving in the right direction

So I am excited to report to you my dearest followers, I have a new job. I have been offered a job with the school system to be the resource lady! It is my dream job, except that with budget cuts my dream job is now only part time this year. So that stinks. Other than that I am so much more than thrilled I can't even put it into words. I have orientation tomorrow and then my last day working for broken dreams and monopoly money on Thursday! I can not wait to hand Mr. Boss my garage door opener and never go back to his house again. I will of course still see him at church and at events involving one of my nearest and dearest friends but I can handle it, I think.

Back to my new job. As the resource lady I get to help teachers create fun things to help them teach in their classrooms. Things like Jeopardy games, posters, charts, flash cards, buttons, magnets, bulletin board stuff and probably a million other things. Next time I'm in the room I am going to take a bunch of pictures and then I will pots a few. I am so excited. I can't stop thinking about all the ways I am going to try to get teachers back to the resource room. Over the last few years teachers haven't been using it as much because it's been open during the day when they are teaching but now I will be there in the afternoons and on Saturdays so hopefully they will be able to make better use of such a wonderful collection of resources. I have a few ideas to promote the resource room and as soon as my orientation is over and I'm officially employed I plan to run them by someone important and then get rolling. If I'm allowed I want to do an open house so teachers can come meet me if they'd like and see the new room, I want to do a newsletter email to send to teachers every other month or so to remind them I'm there for them and to share ideas and hopefully inspire creativity in people who don't think they have it in them, I've thought of making a blog for it to post samples and news or making a twitter to make sure people know the hours and that we are for sure open. I have a candy jar all ready to go and I was thinking of making cookies every once in a while because it's kind of nice to have some munchies while you create. In any case this is a perfect job for me. I don't think I've shared this on the blog yet but at some point I would like to run for school board and I think this is a great stepping stone for that. I know how important it is for teachers to have tools for each type of learning in their classrooms. I understand that not all kids learn the same way and I can't wait to help teachers new and experienced create things that will help each and every child in their class learn!

Now on to my newest obsession... Janet Evanovich books. Holy cow, I know that when I start reading a series I need to be careful not to get too sucked in... well that hasn't happened with this. When I went to Nashville a month ago my travel buddy and I listened to one for the money, two for the dough and three to get deadly. I immediately went and bought four to score and after a week of reading a little and putting it down I finished it, borrowed or bought most of the rest in the series and tonight I finished book fourteen, not to mention three "in between the numbers" books. Tomorrow after orientation I plan on starting the fourth between the numbers book and then I only have two left after that before I catch up and I have to wait for a new one to come out just like everyone else. Thankfully she writes other series' so I am going to read a few of her other books to see how they are, I'll
keep you posted.


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