Some days should be spent in bed

Today was a day I should have stayed in bed! However I had my new employee orientation this morning. I got there, couldn't find my drivers license, decided I had some time so I drove home to get it and hit every single red light on the way home and the way back. I got back and the man doing fingerprinting says oh yeah we had a copy so it was no big deal. Great, now you tell me. So after sitting through 3 hours of videos, power point presentations and a presentation by a woman, who for the life of her couldn't say the word secretary, I turned in all over my paper work and headed upstairs for further instruction about starting my new job. I was directed to get my drug test and come back. I had just under two hours, no problem right... well it took me 20 minutes to get to the place, there was a 45 min wait, 10 min to pee in a cup and initial all the labels, then I still had to eat lunch and drive the 20 min back to work. So I scarfed a sandwich like I hadn't eaten in weeks and hauled myself back. I learned how to do some of the office work that I will be doing and then I was the last person in the whole department to leave. Like the security guard wasn't even at the door anymore when I left and I had to press a special button the the door to get out.

After work the hubs and I were both feeling worn out from the days drama, so we went out for dinner bought some ice cream at publix on the way home and are letting dinner digest before watching Monday nights episode of weeds while eating ice cream in bed!

Tomorrow is my last day at the job I don't like, so that is exciting. After work I might do a little shopping before the hubs gets off work and then Friday is day two at the new job. I will spend all day in the office watching the girl that is leaving and learning how to put more stuff in the computer. Saturday I will finally be in the resource room again, which is the part of my new job I am in love with, so I can't wait for that. Because my job is only part time I am going to see about substitute teaching to supplement my hours. I am excited about where I work now, I just wish it was full time. I am going to do my best to figure out a way to get more hours either by convincing them to hire me for a second 50% position or by substituting as much as possible.

Tonight I am starting Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich. I listened to this book on cd while driving home from Nashville but I don't remember all of it so I figure I might as well reread it, because I love this series so much.

But for now I leave you, I have reading, tv and ice cream waiting for me.


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