Weekend.... are you out there?

In case you haven't seen a calendar of any sort, today is Thursday. Thursday is the second day a week that I work. I got here at 10 today and by 10:15 I was ready to cry pretend I never came in at all and go home.

The boss man hasn't been here all day. When I got here the boss's wife and youngest child were here. The child was playing online uno and just about threw a fit when the mom told her to take the dog out, because oh no she didn't tell her to pause her online uno game and walk 4 feet to open the back door. I am pretty sure if at 13 I told my mom I was too busy playing online uno and whined about taking the dog out, she would have taken my computer away and then some. There is no way my mother would have just been like oh, your busy, playing online uno on facebook, no problem I'll do it instead. An from my mouth to God's ears if I ever have children, that kind of sass will absolutely not be tolerated. This is why only children shouldn't marry each other and then have just one child. I work in a house full of only child, spoiled brats. It doesn't matter than one of them is 50+, one of them is closing in on 50 and one is 13, they all behave the same way.

In other work news, it is hot hot hot in the office. I am wearing Capri's, a polo and sandals and I am sweating. It feels like 98 degrees outside and about 90 inside =/

I have an interview on Monday morning for a part time secretary position that is a whole lot closer to home. It would be a really great job for me, so I'm crossing my fingers and toes.

I have been craving cake like nobody's business this week, so today I went to get a Publix sub for lunch and figured, hey I'll pick up a slice of delicious cake from the bakery, but the Publix I went to didn't have slices. DANG IT! So I guess I'm just going to have to do a little grocery shopping and make my own cake this weekend.

For some reason I haven't been sleeping very well recently. I fall asleep OK, but then I don't feel rested when I wake up. I must be having some exciting dreams, too bad I don't remember any of them.

This weekend we are celebrating my cousin's 8th birthday. She is the funniest little girl ever, when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday she listed a few toys and things and then she said, oh and I really want a box of Little Debbie Swiss cake rolls. I almost died laughing, so for her birthday I am going to get her a box of Swiss cake rolls and then maybe a toy or an outfit or something girly. Kids are crazy.

I'm in the mood to buy some new music, and I buy music old school, I go to the store and buy these plastic discs called CD's. Call me crazy, but I just don't like the idea of buying my music through itunes or amazon. I want something to hold, something to keep in my car, which doesn't have an AUX jack, just a CD player, I know right, I power it with my feet too, just like The Flintstones, Oh you don't remember them... Lord I'm old. Anyway, I just like CD's, I like to look through them, learn the words to all the songs and stack them up all pretty on a shelf. Plus this way I don't just buy songs I already know I like. Do you know how many of my favorite songs aren't singles and therefore I would never have fallen in love with them had I not purchased the whole CD. I know, I know, I can buy the whole album online too, but it's not the same.

Right now I am enjoying an ice cold, delicious Sun Drop. The worst part of living in Florida, except for the blazing heat, is not being able to buy it here. I have a decent stock right now, and later this month a friend is coming to visit from TN so I can get a couple more 12 packs then and maybe some more around the holidays but after Christmas comes and goes, so does my sun drop supply for at least six months. Speaking of seasonal treats, I am counting down the days until October when my favorite Italian ice place starts making pumpkin pie ice! It is so good and I dream about it all year long.

This may by TMI but it is what it is, I need to buy a sports bra, which for me is quite a challenge. I have found a couple places online that I can order them from but they are so expensive and seeing as how I'm paid in monopoly cash, that's a problem. I think that I am going to start watching for sales and then try to just watch my spending so when they go on sale I will have the funds.

My mom shares my love of Vera Bradley and is always ordering new things and picking up the latest bags and I always oooh and aaahh over them and then run home to cry about how sad my collection is becoming. But the other day after a family dinner she went to her room and came back with a beautiful purple punch messenger bag for me! This isn't a bag that I would have picked out for myself but she got it because our laptop fits in it (yes my mother, my husband and I all have matching lap tops, what's it to ya). We have had a hard time finding bags that are cute that it fits in well. So tomorrow I don't have work and my husband does, so I am going to pack up my new Vera messenger bag and go to Panera to sit, eat a scone, drink coffee/ice tea and use their free wifi until I just can't sit any more.

I hope you all have a great weekend out there in bloggerville!


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