What's for lunch?

As I think I've mentioned I pack my husbands lunch almost every day. It usually consists of leftovers or a sandwich and a salad, or sometimes just a big salad and some snacks. He works long days, between 9 and 11 hours, so I try to make sure he has a few things he can keep at his desk to munch on through out the day.

I don't take my own lunch to work because of my "office" situation. I need that break to leave my desk and see a different set of walls for a little while. My husband works in a large office with a break room so he usually eats in there.

Today for his lunch I packed a Greek salad with lettuce, banana peppers, tomatoes, feta cheese, pepperoncinis and Greek dressing, we were out of kalamata olives which are his favorite part. Tortilla chips and white bean salsa, green grapes, two prunes, a low fat mozzarella cheese stick, a strawberry banana yogurt, a chocolate chip chewy granola bar and a pacific cooler caprisun juice.


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