And, I'm back.

Sorry for the laps in coverage of  the dog and pony show I call my life. Never fear, I am back, I hope. I can't believe it's been a month since I was mad enough about something to post had anything interesting to say!

Recently I have been tucked away in my bed reading. I have read three really good books by Tasha Alexander, And Only to Deceive, A Poisoned Season and A Fatal Waltz. I am taking the last two back to the library tomorrow and plan to pick up the next installment int he series, Tears of Pearl, and in October a fifth book comes out called Dangerous to Know. Thank you to my dear friend in New England who turned me on to these books. You should look into them also. Speaking of these books, they have inspired me to start corresponding with my friends that aren't near by anymore. So I have been searching for nice stationary that isn't $205 for 25 letter papers and envelopes. I mean really, how can they charge hundreds of dollars for heavy cream paper with your monogram on it. I don't get it.

I am also excited about Wicked Appetite coming out tomorrow (well today actually). I love Janet Evanovich and I can't wait until the library has this new book in stock. I am also trying desperately to get my hands on a romance series she co-authored but my library branch doesn't have them so I will have to find out how to get them transferred.

My mom let me borrow Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and she is insisting I read it now so she can let someone else borrow it, so that will be my next book, I plan to start it tomorrow at the dog park. The hubs is going to take pictures of our cutie dog and I am going to read. It's the perfect family outing.

The hubs birthday is coming up in October and we have decided to host his parents for a birthday dinner. I am definitely nervous.I have never really cooked for them, I mean sides and Thanksgiving and desserts here and there, but this will be the first time they come over and have a full meal prepared by yours truly. I don't have the whole menu picked out but I know we are going to have Greek wedge salads, Carrot cake for dessert and something in between.

I don't know what it is about October but people with October birthdays love carrot cake. I can't say it's a cake I love, but the hubs and a friends mom have both requested my carrot cake, they even have the same birthday.

So I'm still trucking at the new job. It's OK so far. I like being in the resource center helping teachers but sometimes it's awkward when there are only a couple of people and we don't know each other and you feel like you have to chit chat while you work on stuff. Other than that it's fun. Being in the office, is being in an office. I make folders and enter points into a computer program, while playing games on my phone. Woo Hoo! I'm just glad I have a cute little cubical and people pretty much just come put things in my in box and leave me alone.

So who besides me is excited that real TV is starting! Tomorrow starts two of the shows the hubs and I watch and then next week they will all be back on! THANK GOD! We have been going crazy. We turn the TV on every day and look at the practically empty DVR and then each other and turn the TV off and go back to our laptops where I play The Sims and the hubs edits videos.

I have decided I might like listening to books while I'm at the gym, because we all know how often I go there. But I was thinking maybe that would help keep my mind off of the fact that I'm sweating and don't want to be at the gym better than music. It might hold my attention better. I am thinking about listening to all of the Harry Potter Books again before Book 7 part 1 comes out in November.

I have three pregnant friends, which I'm sure I've mentioned a million times before. I am once again making a diaper cake for one of them, one of them isn't having a baby shower, so I bought a welcome baby girl gift, and the third girl hasn't announced her pregnancy to the entire world yet and so I'm not sure if she is having another shower or not. By February all three of my married friends will have five kids between them. Crazy. Two of the Three have minivans! I drive a subcompact two door hatchback, you can barely fit an adult in there let alone a kid or two. The hubs and I flip for who has to walk the dog in the morning, I can't imagine waking up to feed a baby every 3 hours. I get tired just thinking about it. But I love all of their kids and I will love their new babies just as much. I am super excited to meet each of them. I love babies, they are so cute and pink and smell so good. I would totally want one, if I didn't like sleeping and quiet time so much.

I have been collecting ideas for houses for as long as I can remember. As a kid I would cut out pictures from my mom's Southern Living Magazines and glue them to paper and keep them in a notebook in page protectors. And amazingly enough I still do that, except with out the cutting and pasting. I get Better Homes and Gardens in the mail and I tear out pages of room layouts, furniture, flooring, lighting, paint, decor, plants and anything else I like that I might want to have in a house one day and keep them in a notebook in page protectors. I even put post it notes on each page so I don't forget which parts I liked most and why. I also have a note book for home keeping ideas and one for recipes. I'm a freak. I know. Anyway, the hubs looked thought my house ideas book with me tonight and I was surprised that he liked almost everything in it as much as I did. We compliment each other pretty well, but we don't agree on a whole lot as far as stuff goes. So I was really excited that we might be able to decorate a home together with out getting divorced, that is if we ever buy a house.

I can't remember if I mentioned that our cutie dog has had ticks worse than any dog I've ever had recently. So bad we had to throw away our fabric couch because the ticks had infested it too. We even rented a rug doctor from the grocery store and cleaned our carpet. Then we got two new black leather chairs that we love and are currently without a couch. It stinks because I can't cuddle with my love while we watch TV anymore but we will get another couch sometime soon. The same day we bought those chairs I also bought a new Coach purse, because who needs to eat right?!

I think that pretty much sums things up for now. Until next time.


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