Fall is finally here

Now that fall is here, it would be great if it would get cooler out during the day. I mean it's nice that it cools down at night and all but my car is still an oven and I still hate sweating.

So I'm starting to get really excited about my parents maybe moving and the hubs and I moving into their house. Probably way too excited. I've already decided where I would put all 5 pieces of furniture we have and my brother is going to build a new dining room table for us that is bigger so the huge dining room wont look so sad with our little table. I just want a house so bad.

I've also psyched myself up for a new job that might not even become available. But if some guy I don't know gets a new job, then I will get his job and I will get to work with my lady lover. Not to mention it's more hours and I have already decided how I would spend the money; Like buying a rug for the house we may or may not move into... I'm a freak.

Back to fall! I plan on decorating our apartment for fall next week. And maybe getting some pumpkins soon. I can't wait for my favorite Italian ice place to start serving pumpkin pie ice! I love October! The hubs birthday is in October, one of my friends has a baby girl due in October, Halloween is in October! I doubt we will do much for Halloween but I do love it.

Tonight 5 of my favorite shows premier! So I will be very busy tonight and tomorrow watching TV. I love TV.

Yesterday I made homemade bread for the first time. It was really good. The hubs and I are one of the little loafs and then I gave the second one away so I think I will make another little one tonight for dinner.

We are also having grilled chicken marinated in Italian salad dressing and green beans that have been cooking in the croc pot all day.

In February my dad turns 50 and my brother and I are going to make him a cake shaped like a hill with a little figure of him on the back side of it. We think it will be funny. And my dad is a jokester so he'll appreciate it.

Well it's time for me to get back in the Kitchen. The Hubs will be home any minute.


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