Today I decided that people exhaust me. I used to love people. I wanted to be around people all day and night. I got bored of being at home after 30 minutes of TV and a shower. Now I could stay home all day. Well maybe not stay home, I could go to lunch by myself or someplace quiet like a bookstore, but I could go without talking to people all day. But, just so you don't start to think I'm becoming an old lady knitting her last days away at the tender age of 24, I'll admit I couldn't go more than a day without seeing or talking to someone, plus I do have a dog so I talk to her when I'm at home and we play catch. Anyway back to people wearing me out... the hubs and I took the dog to the dog park today for a little over an hour and it was beautiful. We were playing with her and she was swimming in the lake and the weather was perfect and the breeze was nice and people kept fucking it up by saying hi to us and asking us about our dog and making stupid small talk. If they wanted to talk to someone so bad why didn't they whip out their cell phone and call someone who cares, or bring a friend or get their significant other to come with them. When I go to the park I don't talk to strangers, I either take hubs or I take a book. And when I'm all cuddled up with my husband watching my dog swim in the lake at sunset LEAVE ME THE FRICK ALONE! Am I right?

After the dog park, the hubs and I grilled chicken on a stick for dinner and then did some chores before watching Parenthood and Life Unexpected! And every time we do chores together it makes me nuts. He doesn't do things the way I do and so obviously he does things wrong. Call me controlling all you want, but my way is the right way every. single. time... when it comes to housework anyway. So I've been looking for a dress for about a month and it's a casual black cotton comfy and perfect for sitting around the house all day in dress. So today while sorting laundry the hubs finds it, on top of his guitar amp under a guitar and a pile of pillow cases.... WHAT now? So who knows what he does when I'm not home but apparently it involves my clothes, pillow cases and rock music.

I would just like to take a moment to remind you how much I love TV. I have the season premiers for all the shows I watch in my planner. Tonight Life Unexpected and Parenthood premiered! I am so glad that both of those shows are back for a second season. I would have been really upset if they had been canceled. Also, Little People Big World continued it's last season tonight, which is really sad for me. I know their family is growing up and moving on and they are doing a lot of public speaking and are on the brink of divorce and all but, I like that show. Amy is funny and the kids are cool and Matt is crazy. Portland is a city I wouldn't mind living in and if I ever live there I hope I get a chance to go to their pumpkin patch, so I can meet them and we can all be best friends.

I have also decided that if we ever have a girl I want her nursery theme to be birds and butterflies and owls, or something like that. Pottery Barn has some pretty cute bird themed nursery's right now. Too bad I don't have any baby girls on the way or a place to store a baby girls nursery worth of stuff.

Well seeing as how it's 2:10am and I have to be at work in 7 hours and 20 min I should call it a night. Ciao!


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