They're coming for me

Yesterday provided me with a fun little story to share with you. It even involved the cops. Oooooo intrigue. But we have to start at the beginning of the day so wait for it, wait for it.

The Boring part: Yesterday was my youngest brother's 15th birthday. Blows. my. mind.

I went to work, filled out forms, taped some to manila file folders and jammed the others inside the file folders. Then I had a 50 page packet of spreadsheets listing people. These people are supposed to have a specific certification but some of them are still working on it and some are lazy and haven't done anything. Guess who got to go through that list and find out who was a good little worker bee and who should (but won't) be extinguished? Oh yeah, ME!

Also at work one of the ladies (I work with ladies that could all be my mother or grandmother, which I love. They also happen to be mostly black, which makes me even happier! If you know me well you know I aspire to be a sassy old black woman when I grow up!)

After work I came home played with Lucy and took her on a nice little walk. Then I had to go to Target to get my brother a gift. He's 15 now so obviously I got him a giant tub of Nutella and an iTunes gift card. I also got myself a new shower curtain liner. FUN!

The good part: So I'm on my way home from Target singin' along to whatever was on the radio or in my CD player, I can't remember. I turn into my neighborhood, with a white car a little ways behind me speeding ever quicker toward my bumper. I get to the mailboxes and the white car turns it's flashy blue lights on, SHIT! I'm getting pulled over. So I pull into a parking spot and before I could even get my window all the way down the cops had RUN over to my car, hands on their guns. They looked at me, looked around my tiny little clown car and RAN away, mumbling something to each other about half way back to their squad car. They didn't say one word to me, no "Hi Ma'am, are you a felon or an escaped prisoner?" no "Oh Sorry we pulled you over, RAN at you with our hands on our GUNS because you might have fight the description of the person we're looking for". Nothing. They Literally said nothing.

So I pull out of the parking space and go home. Change my clothes, wrap my brothers present and get ready to go to dinner, the hubs gets home and we go to dinner for my brothers birthday. When we come home the street before ours had 4-6 cop cars all parked and cops walking around. It's like really now. So we still have no idea who/what they were looking for but holy crap I can't wait until we finally move out of this little dumpster we call home.


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