Broken Record

I feel like a broken record.

I am ready for something new. Still.

I want to go on a vacation.

I want to move. I don't even care if it's 5 miles away.

I want a real job, or to stay home. Working part time sucks. I hate my schedule.

I wish my best friend wasn't 837 miles away.

I want to be happy most of the time. Not just every once in a while.

I would like to go 48 hours without crying.

I want my dogs ticks to go away.



  1. You find something new. I promise. Maybe right now it will just have to be a smaller new thing. Just keep on looking for jobs for both of you and I know something will come through.

    If you want to go on vacation, come visit me. I promise you can stay with me for FREE!

    Is 837 the real number? I'm so sorry you miss Bianca so much. I know how it feels to be lonely. I miss you too.

    Being happy is hard work, isn't it? I used to do it without trying. Now I have to try. stupid.

    I'll tell you a funny story about me and a tick once. It will make you laugh so hard, you'll be happy for a long time that it wasn't you.

  2. i am assuming you google mapped that number, because i googled it to prove you wrong...but it was pretty close to being it's like you to be exact....however googlemaps told me the shortest distance was either we did something different, or you are just a really damn good guesser.

  3. Bianca, I didn't have your address handy + I'm lazy so I just mapped from my address to your city. Now you know you live 3 miles from the center of town. LOL =)

    Kelly, I love you and miss you too. And ticks make me want to cry so be gentle when you tell me. =)


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