Goodbye October!

In general I love fall, however this October has fallen into the "it was nice seeing you but it's even nicer to see you go" category. After the hubs being hit buy a car on his bike and then having his car totaled by a lady who was too busy drinking coffee to stop at a red light and the high temperatures in the high 80s/low 90s everyday, I'm ready for November.

Because of my blah fall is sucking out loud mood, I haven't felt much like blogging or doing anything for that matter. I have pretty much spent every minute I haven't been working either doing housework, grocery shopping or reading. I have recently finished quite a few books.

I finished Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie By Alan Bradley. I loved this book. It was so good and I fell in love with Flavia so a few days ago I checked out the other Flavia book, The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag at the library and I plan to read it this coming week. And I'm already excited about a third book that's due out in February.

I also finished Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander. I really enjoy this series but this was my least favorite of the books so far. I checked out the next book in the series, Dangerous to Know, from the library and I plan to start it today. Hopefully it won't let me down, not that I'm really all that worried.

I love Janet Evanovich, I love her style of writing and her characters crack me up. So far I've read all 16 of her numbered books all of the in between the numbers books Motor Mouth and Metro Girl and recently I have finished reading three of her co-authored romance novels, Full House, Full tilt and Full Speed. They are a new set of characters from the other series I had read of hers and I loved them just as much. I also just finished reading Wicked Appetite today which is a spin off featuring a character from the in between the numbers books, Diesel. It was great! And I can't wait for another Diesel book to come out and the next Plum novel. I love Janet Evanovich and I will never get enough of her books.

So I think those are all the books I've read in October but if I think of anything else that was worth reading I'll make sure to update you.

At work I get an hour lunch break and I usually eat in my car and read, because over the past 2 - 3 years I have become a socially awkward misanthrope. So yesterday I decided to try eating lunch with my coworkers. They were all planning to order Japanese food and have it delivered to the office so when they asked if I wanted to join them I said sure. Then we talked about eating together at the little extra table we have by a window and then when the food came we all just stayed in our cubicles and ate alone. Of course the one day I leave my book in my car instead of dragging it upstairs just to drag it back down at lunch time, I order food with strangers, eat alone in my cube without a drink and have nothing to read. FRICK! So that will probably be the last time I attempt to play nice at lunch time. From now on lunch time is me and my book time. The End!

Today after work and lunch with the hubs I went to my favorite cupcake place, Blue Bird Bake Shop, and got a special eye ball cupcake and a pumpkin cupcake. I am EXCITED! But still too full from lunch to eat them.

Last night we went to the hubs parents house to celebrate his dad's birthday. We had pizza, pumpkin pie and carved a pumpkin. We even dressed Lucy the dog up in a dinosaur costume for the occasion.

Tomorrow we are going to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my aunts birthday and even though I have cupcakes waiting for me in the kitchen, all I can think about is a slice of pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin season is my favorite season. I love pumpkin. I could eat something pumpkin flavored almost every day.

The hubs ordered a pink phone case for me from Amazon and it came in the mail today =) It is so cute and I love it. I am also waiting on some clothes I ordered from Old Navy. I ordered a Khaki skirt, a black skirt and a turquoise dress with ruffles around the neck. SO hopefully it all fits nicely and looks cute. I hate returning things and I just want new clothes!

The Hubs and I also went to Epcot's Food and Wine Festival with his sister and her girlfriend. It was the longest day of my life. We were at Disney for 12 hours and went to all four parks. Considering my sister in law and I couldn't have a lot less in common it made for a rough time. I was good for the first 5 or 6 hours and then from the time I got my first blister until I had my first drink I was a miserable bitch. I even cried on a dark ride where no one would notice. It was lame and I know it but holy crap. Of course I was the only one drinking because apparently alcohol is so 1999. But I tell you what, after drinking my way around the world I was much happier and my feet were so numb I couldn't even tell how much they really hurt until the next day when I woke up and wanted to DIE or eat a rat instead of stand. So in homage to my favorite blog, 2Birds1Blog. I leave you with Little Mrs. Housewife's Recipe for Halloween Success.

  • 1 costume
  • Assortment of friends
  • 1 large cooler filled with cold beer or jello shots or tequila, whatever you prefer will really do the trick, or treat?!.. lame I know
  •  A good place to people watch, bar, porch, party, yard... whatever
  • Halloween themed snacks
Gather Ingredients. Crack open a cold one, eat snacks and make fun of people with friends and/or family.

Drink especially when you see:
  •  A kid dressed in something that isn't at all age appropriate like an 8 year old dressed as a pimp or a 12 year old naughty nurse, etc.
  • An adult dressed like a food
  • Anyone dressed as a Harry Potter character
  • Kids in a wagon
  • Someone wearing the same costume as someone in your group (if you chose to dress up)
  • Pets dressed up like other animals
  • Adults drinking while taking their kids trick or treating 
  • Someone throwing up on their costume
  • A costume that is so bad you can't for the life of you tell what that person is supposed to be resembling
  • People dressed in group costumes ex: Charlie's angels, Pink Ladies, The Cullens
  • Someone using another person's costume to try and pick them up

 Happy Halloween, Enjoy!


  1. I'll check out those books you recommended. They sound good. I picked up a janet e book per your recommendation at the library book sale. It was number seven though, i figured, i'll have to jump to some conclusions.

    Also, I maaaaaaayyyy have bought dangerous to know the day it came out and stayed up till 1 am to finish it. it was much better than tears of pearls, but not quite as good as the earlier ones. I think it is because not all of the characters are in it. still good though.

  2. I got Dangerous to Know the day after it came out from the library, I put it on hold before it came out! And I read it in 2 days... and I agree it was much better than tears of pearl. =) Also I am glad that we read the same books now, so we can talk about them. ALSO I am mailing something to you tomorrow! Get PUMPED!


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