I'm sitting at work blogging from my phone because I have never felt so helpless in my life. An hour after I got to work today I got a phone call no wife wants to get. "Hey babe, I just wanted to tell you I was in a car accident." To make it worse I haves this shitty job and I work on Saturdays and today I was hosting a workshop for ESOL parents so I couldn't even just close and leave and go to him when he needed me. He is physically ok. But the car is most likely totaled. Perfect timing too, because Here we are not saving because we are trying to pay off my debt and now we need to buy a new car. I just feel so overwhelmed. I know God will provide for our needs but I hate having another need to add to the already tremendously long list.

Oh yeah he was also hit by a car while riding his bike on his birthday (Wednesday) so this is the second time someone has tried to run my husband down this week. I'm going to be gray by the end of the week.


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