Moving Forward

Today was a great step in moving forward.


Last week work offered to let me work an extra 21 hours which is great because then I am only 1 hour away from full time so of course I said yes. Then Monday I found out that because those extra hours would be through a different cost center I would be paid $1.23 less per hour. This made me so mad. Why is my work worth one amount on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and $1.23 less on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. So today I said that I thought it was ridiculous that I wasn't going to be paid the same amount all the time and so the lady that does the paperwork called HR and worked it out so I can be paid the same amount for my extra hours! WIN!

Then we had a United Way presentation for the whole building and at the end they had some raffle prizes and I, the girl who rarely wins anything, won a red mug filled with kisses! WIN #2!

So my job is still soul sucking and boring but at least I won some chocolate.

The Husband just submitted his resume to a job he is being referred to by one of our friends doing something similar to what he does now but for a much better company, so say a little prayer that it works out for him. It would be a much better job and he would have more opportunities for advancement.


Today the husband got our settlement check from the accident, we got more money out of it than we could have hoped for. And we got a brand new Jetta rental car for 10 days all at no cost to us. So that is pretty cool. We have started the search for a car and are considering an Accord, a Mazda 3, 6 or CX7. So I'll get back to you. We think we are going to use the settlement check to pay off my credit cards and put a little down on a lease. But we have to make sure we are qualified to lease a car, who knows. I don't really know a lot about buying or leasing a car. If leasing doesn't work out, then we will buy a car at auction through one of my dads friends. Either way in a couple of weeks we will have a car that is at the very least new to us.


We were house sitting for my parents and watching my youngest brother for 6 days and we forgot to take our trash out before we left. Biggest mistake EVER! If you remember from a few posts ago, The day before we left for my parents house, my in-laws came over for dinner, and what did we have... Turkey. That's right we left a turkey carcass in our trash with the air conditioning off for SIX WHOLE DAYS! Needless to say when we got home it smelled like death and there were more flies than I care to remember. It was so bad you could smell it outside on our front porch. We have since thrown the whole trash can away, sprayed disinfectant EVERYWHERE, aired out the apartment, windows open fans on, lit a million candles, etc. Now it's not so bad. It's not as fresh as usual but it's trying.

I can't remember if I mentioned that my grandpa is building us a bed and side tables or not but he is. And this week we bought knobs and pulls for the doors and drawers on the tables. They are from Anthropology and when the furniture is done I will post pictures. I can't wait!


  1. Look how awesome all of that stuff is. That is soooo spectacular. The job thing will work out so much. I can feel it. Sorry about the trashcan though. One time bitch roommate Tomeka (freshman year) left her trash over thanksgiving for five days and smelled up our room. not that it smelled that fresh before, but anyways.

    excited about your bed.


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