Today was my full day of work in the office this week and as soon as I was done I rushed home collected Lucy the dog and headed to the vet. Her rabies shot expired on Friday and of course I didn't make a vet appointment on time because it has only been on my to do list for like 6 weeks...oh well.

We tried a new vet today and it was lovely. The place was bright and cheerful and clean and it didn't even smell like dirty, sick pets. Lucy had to get three shots and a check up plus I bought a tick collar, because as I'm sure you've read we've had a terrible summer full of the little blood suckers, and it was only $113. I was amazed. It was the cheapest visit to the vet I've ever had. So I think we will be going back there next time she is in need of medical attention.

Tomorrow my in-laws are coming over for the hubs birthday dinner. I am making blue cheese wedge salads, turkey, gravy, green beans, sweet potatoes, homemade bread, cranberry sauce and carrot cake from scratch for dessert! What a good little wifey. I already have the green beans in the croc pot getting all cooked and squishy, the bread dough is rising, the lemons and limes are all cut up for drinks, turkey is waiting to be coated in spices and roasted to crispy golden perfection and I am ready to sleep until Thursday. The hubs keeps asking how he can help and then every time I tell him something that I could use help with, he sees something shiny and forgets what the shower needs to be cleaned or that I'd like the duvet cover put back on the comforter. Oh well, I got married so I'd have a partner, I just didn't realize I'd get to do all the work for two people with a minimal amount of help. Yes ladies that is married life, be careful what you wish for.

Anyway I will make sure to post some pictures of the dinner, if I remember to take any... tomorrow's going to be a long day.


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