Everyone's a little bit racist sometimes....

Especially me!

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate out of nowhere. A lot of people have to piss me off to generalize. And today at 8:30 am about 30 parents 45 kids and a  handful of teachers of one particularly annoying group of people got me fired up. I hate to be this guy, but lord help me if I have to listen to one more workshop be given in English AND Spanish. PICK ONE! Either have a workshop in one language or another. Because you are wasting everyone's time at one point or another by repeating yourself in two languages.

I wish I liked my job. =(

This weekend my parents are both out of town so I am watching my youngest brother and of course that just means making sure he eats and bathes seeing as how he's 15 and he'd be OK with just sitting and watching youtube videos in between texting his friends. But I am also dog sitting for someone else, which meant this morning I had to wake up at 6:15 so I could leave at 7 to go walk the dogs then drive back to work at 8:30. Not  how I like to spend Saturdays... just in case you don't know me well.

Yesterday the hubs and I did some Christmas shopping. We have now completed 3 people on our list of 26. FRICK! Hopefully we will knock out a few more on black Friday, and even get a few things for ourselves. I have NO idea what to get the hubs for Christmas. I know what I am  putting in his stocking. But in case he reads this I can't say. But as far as gifts to wrap... I got nothin'!

Thanksgiving is just days away, so I think I will probably to my Thanksgiving Shopping today especially while I have my little brother's help. Then I will let him pick whatever he wants for lunch and make him carry all the groceries upstairs! God I can't wait to have slaves kids.

Welp I better do some work, and by work I mean make a grocery list while I listen to this workshop. =/


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