Little humans...

This morning one of my best friends for the last 12 years and former college roommate had a baby, it was nice knowing you MD. =/

In all seriousness though I feel so excited that all of my married friends are having babies. I want to squeal every time I see one of those cute babies, I want to buy everything in Carter's and every toy at Target. I want to squeeze them and kiss them and sniff their sweet baby smell. I love babies. I want babies. In 3-5 years.

I'm in a lurch.

Every time someone has a baby I get so excited then I cry because now our friendship will never be the same and now it's even harder. This was the friend I was closest too out of all my married friends. It was the only person I had left to call if I wanted to go to the dog park or target and I didn't want to go alone. Or just to chat because I want my husband to move into the laundry room every other Tuesday, she talked me down from some of my more dramatic moments and I feel like from now until I have kids it wont be the same. Maybe I'm wrong and things won't change that much, but I think I'm probably spot on.

Anyway, now that I've been dramatic about that, I can't wait to meet her precious little 6lb 1oz bundle of pink joy.

Now I have one preggo friend left, who will have her second baby in Feb. =)

I love babies.


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