Oh hello wrong side of the bed, how nice to see you again.

Today got off to a rough start... and I don't see smooth sailing in my near future.

I went shopping after work last night because I don't have enough work clothes. I bought a cute navy shirt, a green dress and a cream sweater with ruffles. =)

So seeing as how ALL of my clothes were dirty I decided to do two loads of laundry before bed and hang all of my stuff to dry, because I hardly use the dryer.

Skip to this morning... after 5 hours of sleep I wake up brush my teeth and go to the laundry room only to find out NOTHING is dry. So thank God I dry my underwear in the dryer or I'd be going comando. So I wore a dress I didn't want to wear with a sweater that I accidently put in the dryer. Boooo!

So as the day has progressed nothing else terrible has happened really, but I have had a cold for 9 days. It will not go away. I have felt fine for like 4 days but I sound worse every day. I've only had to blow my nose once today and I've only coughed once today but I sound worse than I have any other day that I've been sick. And of course this means that yesterday I lose another friend to motherhood and now I can't even see her and the baby because I have the cold that never ends.



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