2010 Send Off

2010 top five Highlights

5. Scottish Highland Games/Deep Fried Mars Bar
4. Getting the Salsa Red Jetta
3. Visiting Bianca in DC and adding some more states to our list
2. Celebrating our first wedding anniversary
1. Adopting Lucy

As all of my 3 readers know, 2010 has not been my best year. And I feel like I need to bitch one last time about it to send it off and start fresh on January 1. So let’s recap.

January. I turned 24 this year. I had an uneventful birthday, just dinner with the hubs and the usual family birthday dinners. I went to visit my fetus friend in DC and it snowed! I got to see Wegmans and we went to New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania! It was awesome! The hubs came to the Scottish Highland Games for the first time this year and tried his first deep fried Mars Bar. Lord knows I can’t wait until Scottish Games 2011 for my annual deep fried Mars bar. The best day of 2010 was January 29, the day we adopted out little Lucy dog, the animal love of my life. She is the sweetest, lickiest, cutest more lovable dog we could have ever adopted. I love her so much and some days she is the only thing that makes me smile. I love her. January was a great month, I thought for sure 2010 would follow suit but it didn't =(

February. I went Valentine’s Day crazy this year. I made chocolate fondue the night before Valentine ’s Day with homemade pound cake and brownies, fruits, pretzels and graham crackers. Then on Valentine ’s Day morning I made heart shaped pancakes and fried eggs into perfect circles to make X’s and O’s bacon and eggs. I also bought new Champagne flutes and a really pretty glass pitcher and made mimosas.

March. We decided to be child free for a while and shop locally. So far we are still planning on being child free at least for a couple more years but we have started slacking with our local shopping.

April. I started going to the gym. I quit going to the gym. My sister in-law got accepted to a PhD program in Canada, then a few months later she decided not to go. FML.

May. This was our first wedding anniversary. We decided to take a mini Staycation. We stayed at a fancy hotel for a couple of days, drank in the pool every night got a couples massage and had lots of sex. Everything a first anniversary should be right?! Overall not a bad month.

June. I babysat in June, I love the kids I babysit. One of the sets of parents I babysit for told me to watch Weeds so the hubs and I did and in two weeks we had watched all the seasons available on DVD.

July. A friend and I went to Nashville to visit a mutual friend who moved up there about a year ago and we saw downtown Nash-Vegas and went to a bluegrass jam. The drive was rough but we had a good time. I got hired with the school board in July and the very last weekend of the month I started as the Resource Lady. It had been one of my dream jobs. Then I got that job, after they cut it from full time to 50% and added a lot of office work and took away the fun hosting workshops part.

August. After a few weeks at my new job that I thought I would love, I was already applying for other positions.

September. New TV came back, thank God!

October. The hubs birthday is in October and this year we got him a new bike. On his birthday bike ride he was hit by a car, three days later while driving to work he was rear ended by someone going almost 50 while he was stopped at a red light and by some miracle he wasn’t even hurt. His car was totaled and we leased a Salsa Red Jetta. We love it. But we weren’t thrilled with how we ended up having to get it. We also hosted his parents for dinner for his birthday in October, that was the first time I had made a whole meal for them. Everything went really well and I was really relieved. October also brought a beautiful baby girl into the world and I couldn’t be happier for her parents and big brother.

November. At the beginning of November another one of my friends had a baby girl. I am so glad I have so many cute babies to play with. As for Thanksgiving, I am still not enjoying it so much.

December. I miss being a kid and Christmas. I wish I could retrain myself to see the holidays through a child’s eyes. This year was especially hard because the hubs worked Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day. The hubs and I did get away for a few days to visit Atlanta and Nashville on a mini road trip. We both loved Atlanta and want to go back again when we can spend a little more time exploring the city. I got hired at a local community college and I start in January. I am glad I am no longer the Resource Lady.

I'm glad that 2010 is coming to a close. Have a great New Years Eve.


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