I know everything sucks, Yeah...

Last night the hubs and I took my youngest brother to his first concert. My brother is 15. And the concert was Reel Big Fish, The Aquabats, Suburban Legends and Koo Koo Kangaroo. IT. WAS. AMAZING! It also just happened to be the first concert that the hubs and I had been to together that wasn't a local show, so that was pretty cool too. I love Ska Music. It's not something a lot of people necessarily remember about me, but I have seen more ska shows than any other type of concert, except maybe school band concerts lol. I love Ska. I also don't have many friends that share my love of Ska so I don't listen to ska when other people are with me very often because I know most of my friends don't care for it. Either way we had tons of fun. It was five hours of jumping around, screaming and skanking. <3


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