Now I'm a grown up

Well world, it's official, I'm a real grown up now. Today I received my very first Jury Summons! I am to call some phone number the weekend before Feb 28 to see if I have to report to be possibly chosen for a Jury. How exciting and annoying. On one hand I am thrilled, I hope I get picked and I hope it involves a hooker. On the other hand, if I get picked I will miss work and I'm not sure if my new job pays for jury duty and if not I will only get paid like $15 a day for the first 3 days and $30 a day after that or something lame. I mean for crying out loud it's a whole day. I can hardly buy lunch for $15, not to mention the gas it will take to get all the way to the court house. Yuck! But I might be more excited than annoyed, I haven't decided yet.

Tomorrow (well technically later today) the hubs and I are getting our new bed that my grandpa made for us! My brothers are coming over at 9:30, we will get a truck and go pick it up! Then we get to come back and figure out how to assemble it and hope we don't break it.

I want to get new bedding for our new bed but I just can't justify it. We have all pretty new stuff considering we just got a bunch of it for our wedding less than two years ago. So I think we will probably wait for a while.

Today was the last day of my new job for the week. I think this week went pretty well, we'll see how it continues to go.

Today was day 6 of my happiness project. So far I think it's helping. I won't say this week has been all ponies and rainbows but it hasn't been that bad either.

I'll make sure to post tomorrow about how renting our first moving truck goes and if we successfully put the bed together or not. Cross your fingers!


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