A very happy HUNDREDTH post!

Happy ONE HUNDREDTH post to me!

Today may have been the best day in a VERY long time.

The hubs and I woke up early, for a day off, and moved around a few last odds and ends before my brothers came over to help us move our new bed from my popsicles house to our apt. The hubs rented a cargo van at Home Depot, we loaded up the bed, brought it home, assembled it, washed every piece of bedding so our first night in our new bed will be perfect and now I don't even want to get in it because it is so pretty and I don't want to mess it up! Our new frame and headboard make our bed feel so much bigger. It also helps our room look much nicer. Now it's more of a "nest" and less of a college dorm room mess. I'm very happy! My popsicle is taking a break but then he will be building matching side tables to go with our amazingly beautiful bed!

While we were putting our house back together, after moving all of our furniture out of our bedroom to make room to assembling the new bed, and moving some crap around so we could donate a few pieces of furniture that were too big for our small apt to goodwill, I got an email from amazon that they had a 42" LCD TV on sale 44% off ($500). So we looked at it, read the reviews, and ordered it! So now we have a new bed and in 10 days we will have our first pretty brand new TV!

I love having a husband that knows how to fix computer stuff and set things up. And today for the first time we had room near our router to hook up our network printer and now I can finally print from anywhere I want! I guess I can forgive the printer for running out of ink, now that I see how cool it is.

Then to celebrate our new grown up stuff, we decided to use a gift card we got for Christmas and go to Outback for dinner. We walked in right behind one of my moms friends from high school and her husband and when we were ready to pay our server told us they paid our check! Who even does that kind of stuff any more?! It was one of the nicest things someone has ever done for us, especially since we don't know them very well. Needless to say, I will be putting a thank you card in the mail tomorrow.

After dinner we had to go grocery shopping, booorrriiiing!!! Except this time it wasn't! We are just filling up our cart with food minding our own business, looking for butter crust bread, when out of nowhere, THEY HAVE SUNDROP! In FLORIDA! At my neighborhood Publix. WHAT?! The day just couldn't get any better!

After putting away the groceries we decided it was a bit chilly out for our night time walk, so we went to target to walk and we found 700 thread count pima cotton king size sheets on sale for $30. We got a set!

Now it's time to continue celebrating our new bed with a bottle of champagne! =)


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