Might as well eat $100 bills.

Today I sat down with our last bank statement and went through with a highlighter and a calculator to see what we spent all of our hard earned money on. And food won hands down. Holy cow food shopping. Keep in mind there are only two of us, and a dog, we only buy certain foods organic, we eat shit just like everyone else, along with a decent amount of produce and meat and we spent... are you ready for this... $569.44 at the grocery store! I almost D.I.E.D! And on top of that off we spent $467.76 eating out lunch at work and on dinner dates. That is $1037.20 on food in ONE month, for two people and a medium dog. When I Ghatted the hubs to let him know how much we spend on food, I told him we might as well eat $100 bills and get used to living in the ghetto. No wonder we aren't getting any closer to buying a house, we're EATING out down payment. Yikes!

I started to give up coke for Lent, but after I found out I only knew like 2 people actually giving stuff up for lent I was pissed and rebelled and decided to quit lent. Real mature, I know. I'm sure God was thrilled, but we'll work it out. Anyway I had gone a couple of weeks without coke and when I got one at work I noticed I didn't really care for it. So I thought maybe it was because I was sick at the time and it was out of a vending machine, so a few days later I tried my favorite coke supplier of all, McDonald's! And I didn't even finish it. I officially don't like coke anymore! Who ever would have thought Me, the coke drinking fiend, would ever stop drinking coke?! Well I did. I haven't given up soda all together or anything and I didn't do anything rash like switch to Pepsi... I'm no Pepsi drinker that's for sure. But I still love Sundrop and Dr. Pepper. I've just been drinking way less soda. Which is good.

I saw Kathy Griffin live in March. It was amazing. I love Kathy Griffin! And tickets to see her were my Christmas or birthday present, who can remember, I just know it felt like forever waiting for March 31 to roll around, and when it did, Kathy didn't disappoint. I would definitely go see her live again.

I have so many acquaintances and friends that are pregnant right now. Seriously like 5 or 6 and they are all due between the middle of August and the middle of September. I don't know where I was when that baby bug went around but I'm glad I didn't catch it. I hope I'm never pregnant and due in August or September in Florida. I don't think it could be any worse, all hugely pregnant and uncomfortable and it's 103 degrees outside. Yuck!

My mom is letting me use her sewing machine to learn how to sew. The only problem is that it hasn't been use in years so I need to take it to the sewing studio and have it looked at. It needs a new bobbin holder and I just want to make sure that is all I need to replace before I start sewing things and break the machine. I am really excited to learn, I want to be able to sew little dresses for my girls and their dolls when I have kids. And I'd like to be able to make my own table linens and pillows. I have the HARDEST time finding things I like and that match what I have. It doesn't help that I'm really picky.

This weekend my grandpa also finished building the said tables to match our bed he made us. They are great! I love them and as soon as I finish perfecting the stuff on top of them I will post a picture! I love that our room is finally coming together, it still has a little ways to go, but it's definitely getting there.

Well I'm off to deliver some birthday treats to a friend! Hope your weekend is turning out to be a great one!


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